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This page is intended to provide links to Cadillac related sites which I have found to be useful to anyone with an interest in this automobile marque.  Suggested link additions are sought from you.  Be forewarned, links do come and go! 

The Cadillac Database  All Cadillac fans should start here.  No matter what your year, or interest, your question is likely to be answered.   The info is both extensive and authoritive.

The Cadillac - LaSalle Club  If you have an interest in Caddys, this is the organization you should join.  It will put you in touch with others sharing your interest, and with people who have "been there and done that."

Cadillac - LaSalle Club Forum  Here is where you can mingle online with Cadillac owners, see what they are up to of late and pick their brains for solutions to whatever problem you are trying to resolve.

Cadill-Ikes  This is an online Cadillac - LaSalle Club chapter for 54-55-56 Caddys.

Classic Cadillac Community  An web site focusing on the Cadillac automobile.

AACA Cadillac Forum  Antique Auto Club of America - Cadillac Forum

1955 Cadillac Data/Specs  This info is in, and probably from, The Cadillac Database

1955 Cadillac Service Bulletins  Ability to read the bulletins online

1955 Cadillac Paint Chips/Codes

Vintage Cadillac Reproduction Parts  Quality NOS Reproduction Parts.  (I used, and recommend, them!)

Ed Cholakian's All Cads

McVey's Cadillac (Supplier)  Rest assured, Cadillac is spoken here.

Cooper's Vintage Parts  (Parts)

Old Iron Online  Literature, Manuals, Materials - not limited to Cadillac.  A great resource!

Suspension/Rubber Parts from Rubber the Right Way

Daytona Parts Co.  Carburetors and carburetor rebuild kits.

Automobile Inspections, LLC  The auto inspection company I used, and which more than delivered at a fair price.

Stooney's Automobile Transport, LLC (908) 889-0294 - The auto carrier (enclosed) I used to transport The Gray Lady  Recommended most highly!

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