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Folks, expect nothing fancy here.  We are not about glitz, but rather information, and as much as we can gather.  To that end, your comments and contributions to The Gray Lady web site are both solicited and encouraged.

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Cadillac Autronic Eye  The Cadillac (GM) Autronic Eye

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We went live in April of 2009.  Through 31 Dec 2012 The Gray Lady
has been privileged to host 45,619 callers.

The vast majority of

We went live in April of 2009.  Through 31 Dec 2012 The Gray Lady
has been privileged to host 45,619 callers.

The vast majority of visitors hail from the U. S. of A.; CA, WI, NY, TX and FL being the home of most.

Outside the U.S. most visitors are from Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom.  Having said that, it is noteworthy that we have also had visitors from Cambodia, Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Romania, Slovenia, Iraq, Pakistan, Malta and Myanmar.          

12.1% of our visitors were connected for an hour or more                         1.3% visted 10 times or more
  4.3% visited for 20 to 60 mins.                                                                             .6% visited 5 to 9 times
  5.7% vistited for 5 to 20 mins.                                                                          14.8% visited 2 to 4 times  
15.6% visited for 1 to 5 mins.

Through 31 Dec 2012 there have been a total of 975 downloads from the Repair Library.
The most popular downloads have been a) Body Information, b) Hydra-Matic Repiar and c) Hydra-Matic On-the-Car Adjust.


The Gray Lady is brought to you by GDYNets.  GDYNets is nothing more than a fancy name for the various web sites I have scattered about the WWW.  Most of them are automobile related.  The one exception to that rule is Dave's Den.  You may find out about all my websites by visiting the GDYNets Links page, above.
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