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This site is dedicated to The Gray Lady, a 1955 Cadillac Series 62 Coup de Ville bearing Engine/Serial No. 556215613.

The Gray Lady was born on 8 December 1954, on Clark St. in Detroit, MI.  She is #15,613 of 33,300.  She sports the following accoutrements:  Power Steering, Power Brakes, Power Windows, 4-way Power Seat, Vacuum Power Antenna, Wonder Bar Radio, Autronic Eye and Fog Lamps, all standard equipment; and factory options in the form of E-Z-Eye (tinted) Glass and a heater.

The Gray Lady's initial venture off of Clark St. was to the Cadillac Pittsburgh Sales Zone (PIB).  Ultimately, the newborn was taken home by William J. Carts of Braddock, PA in late 1954, at a price of $4,305 + ($36,711.25 in 2012).  He purchased the ride as a gift for his wife, Grace.  On Grace's passing in 1978, The Gray Lady was passed on to her son, Creston A. Carts.  She remained a Carts family pride and joy through two generations; acquiring refinements after being lovingly passed from parents to son.  With the passing of Mr. Creston A. Carts in 1999, his wife, Rose, reluctantly relinquished control of The Gray Lady; honoring her husband's last wish to not cause a rift between their two daughters, Lisa & Rose, over who would acquire the car.

This resulted in a transfer of custody of The Gray Lady in 2001, to Paul Sussman of Somers, NY for $21,000 ($27,200.63 in 2012).  Paul treasured her for seven years.  While a resident off the Sussman houshold, The Gray Lady blossomed, realizing her full potential.  During her stay with him she received the royal treatment by being fitted with factory option sabre spoke wheels, as well as the correct wide whitewall 8.20 x 15 bias ply tires.

Paul relinquished care, custody and control of The Gray Lady in mid-2008.  She ultimately came to reside with Frank Cottone of Ft. Ann, NY.  Frank acquired her for $22,500 ($23,972.36 in 2012).

In March of 2009, Dave and Jean Yaros of Milwaukee, WI proudly assumed stewardship over The Gray Lady; 59,385 miles into her sojourn down life's highways and byways.  They acquired this treasure of automobile art for $21,500 ($22,988.71 in 2012). 


Make:  Cadillac     Model:  Series 62 Coup de Ville     Year:  1955     Serial No.:  556215613

Style:  55-6237DX
Body No.:  FW  3297
Trim No.:  51    R
Paint No.:   12 - 16 (Atlantic Gray Poly over Alabaster Gray)
Acc:  E - H (E-Z Eye Glass - Heater) 

Gray Lady Body Data Plate

Powertrain:  331 c.i. V8, Rochester 4-Jet (4 bbl.) carburetor, 3.81 x 3.63 bore x stroke, 9:1 compression, 250 H.P., 4-speed hydra-matic transmission and 3.36:1 axle.

Chassis:  Wheelbase - 129 in., Length - 223.4 in., Vehicle Weight - 3,857 lbs., Engine Weight - 699 lbs. 
     This computes out to:  .357 H.P./lb. of engine weight and .755 H.P./c.i.

Spark Plugs - AC 44-5     Oil Filter - AC P115

Air Filter - Oil Bath (Original)   WIX 42098 (Element)

Owner #1 Letter

From:  sussNNN(at)___.com              6 Apr 2009 2048 Hrs.

Hi Dave-

Wow!  It is great to see a picture of my former 55 CDV.  She's a classy lady.  I hope you have years of enjoyment.

I purchased the car in 2001, for $21,000.  The sale was being handled by a classic car dealier in Florida, but technically, I was the second owner (after two generations of original owner).  Hard times forced me to sell the car.  I sold it to a guy in Florida who was passing through and picked it up.  I was kind of upset by the sale, so I don't remember now the name of the guy.  I regrettably sold it in May or June of 2008.  I know she's not perfect, but what a great lady (Gray Lady).

Thank you for contacting me.  It was a pleasure to see the car again.

Paul Sussman


SOURCE #5 #4 #3 #2 #1 SHOW
VMR 2,225 6,050 12,700 22,350 31,100
Manheim Gold 12,000 22,500 32,000 47,000
NADA 13,800 23,500 37,200
Old Car Price Guide 8,200 18,450 28,700 41,000
AVG's 2,225 7,125 14,237.50 24,262.50 35,325 47,000
+10% (Sabre-spokes) 2,447.50 7,837.50 15,661.25 26,688.75 38,857.50

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