Here she is!   The Gray Lady makes her Milwaukee debut on 25 Mar 2009:


Arrival at her new home!

Let me take a moment to thank/plug Stooney's.  I have to say, one could not find a better transporter, and one who is not at all afraid of hard work.  This company is highly recommended by me.  They picked the car up when they said they would, and more importantly, delivered her on time!


What beasts lurk within?  That ain't no Caddy!


Waiting to be unveiled  

I did inquire of the seller where, in the trailer, The Gray Lady was loaded.  His response was, "On top, all the way in the front."  As one can see, that is where she was when she arrived.  She was covered, even though in an enclosed trailer, at my request.  This is what I mean about Stooney's being an excellent transport company:  The car was never moved after being loaded.  This was so, even though it meant having to unload 4 cars before she could make her Milwaukee debut.  She was covered in transit, as I requested. 


Here she comes!


Confidence pays?

While he may have been confident, we were a bit nervous.  After all, The Gray Lady is over 18 ft. long!  Note that he is looking forward to see if there is enough front-end clearance to lower the ramp.  He never looked back to see how much room he had before the rear wheels went over the edge!  I am certain I would not last in this job!



The Cadillac Sabre-spoke Wheel Option for 1955


On Milwaukee terra firma, at last!

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