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Milwaukee Debut Photos   — Pics of the arrival/unloading of The Gray Lady at her new Milwaukee home  [debut.htm]

HISTORY and SPECS/DATA  for The Gray Lady  — Manufacture, sale and ownership history   [history.htm]

Owner/Service Documents for The Gray Lady  — Assorted 1955 Cadillac documents/materials  [manuf docs.htm]

1955 Cadillac Coupe DeVille - By the Numbers   — Specifications (electrical/mechanical/vehicle, etc.)  [specs.htm]

1955 Cadillac Spark Plug Data/Info/X-ref  —  More spark plug info than you want/need  [sparkplugs.htm]

 NAPA Logo  — NAPA® Parts Shopping list [napa list.htm]

Cadillac Mystery Trim/Acc (?) Codes  — A discussion of body data plate codes; which the meaning/use of are unkown  

Cadillac Advertising   — Print ads for the 1955 Cadillac  [ads.htm]

The Cadillac Sabre-spoke Wheel Option   — Information on the Cadillac sabre-spoke (turbine) wheel option  [sabre.htm]

Kelsey - Hayes Wheels History   — Corporate history of the sabre-spoke wheel manufacturer  [kh.htm]

Kelsey - Hayes Wheels Advertising   — Kelsey - Hayes print advertising; NOT WHAT YOU THINK, take a look!  [kh ads.htm]

The Cadillac (GM) Autronic Eye — History of the development, evolution and present day status of the Autronic Eye automatic light dimmer
[ae history.htm]

Autronic Eye Circuitry  — Schematics for the Autronic Eye automatic light dimmer  [schematic.htm]

Autronic Eye Advertising  — Print advertising for the Autronic Eye automatic light dimmer  [ae ads.htm]

The Wonderbar (signal-seeking) Radio  — Tid-bits about, and ads for, the Wonderbar (signal-seeking) radio  [wonderbar.htm]

Cadillac Standard/Optional Equipment — Standard/Optional items with costs for model Year 1955  [accessories.htm] 

"Batwing" Air Cleaner —  Pictures and explanations of the differences between the conventional and batwing air cleaners [batwing.htm]

The Gray Lady Owner Diary   — Log of owner activity with respect to The Gray Lady  [diary.htm]

The Gray Lady  "Honey Do" List   — Owner "To Do" list of items to be tended to during stewardship  [todo.htm]

Cadillac Firsts   — A few automotive industry firsts attributed to Cadillac  [firsts.htm]

Cadillac Web Sites   — Listing of links of interest to (1955) Cadillac owners  [caddy links.htm]

1955 Cadillac Repair Library  — A collection of diagnostic, repair and helpful miscellaneous Cadillar repair information  [library.htm]

1955 Cadillac Autronic Eye Service.pdf
1955 Cadillac Autronic Eye-Misc Help

1955 Cadillac Body Service Manual 
1955 Cadillac ID Locator.pdf

1955 Cadillac Radio Repair
A-E Mod 10 Tester Operating Instructions

Bendix Hydrovac Repair

Brake System Service

Carburetor - Carter Specs/Manual 
Carburetor - Rochester 4 bbl. Carburetor Manual
Carburetor - Rochester 4 bbl. Training Manual

Door Sill Replacement

Exhaust Manifold Gasket Information
Engine Timing w/Vacuum Gauge Procedures
Heat Riser Information 
Hood Pad Installation Instructions
Hydra-Matic Control Valve Body
Hydra-Matic on-the-car Adjustment
Hydra-Matic Parts Application Catalog
Hydra-Matic Repair Manual
Hydra-Matic Tools (Kent-Moore) 
Hydrovac (Bendix) Repair

Parts Suppliers (From Hemmings® Motor News)
More Parts Suppliers (From Hemmings® Motor News)
Power Window Service Manual
Rear Main Installation
Rochester 4 bbl. Carburetor Manual
Rochester 4 bbl. Carburetor Training Manual    

The Yaros Collection  — The "How & Why" behind the classic cars in the Yaros Car Barn  [collection.htm]

Car Barn Scenes  — Scenes in and around the Yaros Car Barn of various  Gray Lady activities [scenes.htm]

GDYNets® Links   — Listings of where you will find me on the net  [links.htm]

Visitor Comments  — Comments from folk who have paid a call on The Gray Lady [comments.htm]

Site Map  — This page  [sitemap.htm]

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