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This page presents information on:   The availability of the 1955 Cadillac Heat Riser

The '55 Cadillac 331 c.i. heat riser is a tough one to find.  It is a one year only part.

You might try Ed Cholakian at All Cad's: in Las Vegas.

  • I did touch base with Ed C., and was successful in gettng a 1955 heat riser.  All Cads has them in stock (Oct. 2009).  They do not come cheap folks; going for $175, new, and $95 used!

    If that fails try Ted Holcombe in Bensalem, PA at: 215-245-4560

    Or   [This site was listed as a possible source on the Cad-LaSalle Forum.  I went there, but did not find much; at least in english.]

  • Information on 1955 Cadillac/GM heat riser interchangeability, availability and pricing is sought.  Send me an email:  -GDY

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