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Master Cylinder Wrench   Kent-Moore Model 10 Autronic Eye Tester

This page presents diagnostic and repair information for various operating components of the 1955 Cadillac:

[NOTE:]  This is (hopefully, only the start of) a collection of 1955 Cadillac diagnostic and repair information.  The library collection deals with various vechicle operating components.

Certainly most, if not all, library materials are in the .pdf format.  What that means to you is, you need the free Adobe software to access it.  It is available at .  Given the length/size of some of the materials, I would recommend that files be downloaded by you for reading off-line.

In addition to the materials being made available online here, links to particularly valuable resources are provided.  Collection resources are listed by .pdf file name, followed by page length. 

Collection contributions from visitors to The Gray Lady web site,  as  well as patrons of the 1955 Cadillac Repair Library, are welcomed and gratefully accepted.  All contributions received by the library shall be credited as to source.  Where no source is credited, the material is my personal property.  Library contributions may be submitted as an email attachment.  Send all submissions to:

Alternatively, scannable photocopy may be sent via USPS to:  GDYNets-Gray Lady, 5502 W. Martin Dr., Milwaukee, WI 53208-2528.

In the year 2010 the library had a total of 503 downloads, so someone is finding the materials of use?  Good!

1955 Cadillac Repair Library Catalog

AUTRONIC EYE SERVICE INSTRUCTIONS (27 pgs.)                             AUTRONIC EYE - MISC HELP (7 pgs.)
K-M Mod 10  AE TESTER OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS (4 pgs.)          BENDIX HYDROVAC SERVICE (1 pg.)                                   BODY SERVICE INFORMATION (19 pgs.)
BRAKE SYSTEMS SERVICE (69 pgs.)                                                       CARBURETOR - CARTER WCFB MANUAL (4 pgs.)           DOOR SILL REPLACEMENTS
ENGINE PAINT CODE/FORMULA                                                ENGINE TIMING WITH VACUUM GAUGE (1 pg.)                 
EXHAUST  MANIFOLD-GASKETS NOTE (1 Pg.)                                    HEAT RISER SUPPLIERS
HYDRA-MATIC ON-THE CAR ADJUST (77 pgs.)                                     HYDRA-MATIC PARTS APPLICATION CATALOG (30 pgs.)
HYDRA-MATIC SERVICE & ADJUST (32 pgs.)                                         Kent-Moore  HYDRA-MATIC TOOLS (2 pgs.)                       ID#'s  LOCATOR 2 ( pgs.)
PARTS SUPPLIERS From Hemmings Motor News (10 pgs)                          MORE PARTS SUPPLIERS-From Hemmings (9 pgs.)
POWER WINDOW SERVICE MANUAL (44 pgs.)                                      RADIO SERVICE (2 pgs.)
REAR MAIN SEAL INSTALL (1 pg.)                                                            ROCHESTER 4BBL CARB MANUAL (36 pgs.)                      ROCHESTER 4GC TRAINING MANUAL (9 pgs.)



1955 Cadillac ROCHESTER CARBURETOR DATA/INFO                            1955 Cadillac SHOP MANUAL                                               1955 Cadillac CADILLAC SERVICEMAN

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