The Gray Lady

Yaros Car Barn Scenes 

This page presents pics taken in/around the Yaros Car Barn while working on The Gray Lady.

flags   Front Lic Plate Bracket   Front Bracket Mounted

An attempt at a  little decor                        Rehabbing Front License Plate Bracket                             Bracket Installed

Rear Window Quartr Seal   Exhaust Port   Exhaust Port w/extension

   Quarter Seal Deterioated                       Exhaust when delivered                                        Exhaust w/tip added

Exhaust Port Extension-Side View   Cars Stacked   Cadillac 
Seat Belt Buckle-1

              Exhaust Tip (Side View)                                 Trying to make everything fit!                               Custom Seat Belts-1     

Cadillac Seat Belt Buckle-2   Gray Lady in Waiting

                    Custom Seat Belts-2                          Gray Lady in Waiting for a wrench turner

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