The Gray Lady

"To Do" - List

This page presents (in no particular order) The Gray Lady items needing attention by "Yours Truly."  Just further proof that she is a high maintenance kind of gal!

Strikeout = Completed

  1. SORT out headlight problem (do not work).
  2. INSTALL Cadillac Heritage of Ownership grille badge.
  3. Have duplicate GM keys cut.
  4. INSTALL new rear view mirror
  5. INSTALL underhood Owner ID Card holder.
  6. INSTALL hood pad.  (Installed 13 Sep 2009, using 3M 77 Spray Adhesive)
  7. INSTALL door bumper pads.
  8. INSTALL new tail lights/backup lenses.
  9. INSTALL rear window quarter seals
    Installation Tip:  On the first seal I greased both it, and the track, with white lube.  It took me over 2 hrs. to get the seal installed, as it moved all of 1/16", or less, at a time; even with the application of brute force!  For the second seal, recalling the old STP  commercial of trying to hold a screw driver coated with it between two fingers, I coated both the track and seal with STP.  I had the seal in in less than a minute!  
  10. INSPECT undercarriage.
  11. EXTEND tailpipes beyond bumper ends and create drain holes in extensions.
  12. FIND/INSTALL a 1955 factory -FRONT- license plate bracket.
  13. INSTALL 5 sets of seat belts (2-front/3-rear).  (Fronts installed -31 May 2009)
  14. INSTALL (permanently) Cadillac crests on seat belt buckles.
  15. SORT out wiper problem (won't shut off).
  16. CONVERT oil bath air cleaner to paper filter element.  (Wix 42098 is perfect fit.)
  17. REPAIR glove box door
  18. FIND/REPLACE gear shift lever knob with factory equipment.
  19. FIND/INSTALL full disk hubcap on spare.
  20. SORT out power seat up/down problem.
  21. INSTALL splash aprons.
  22. CLEAN battery terminals/INSTALL felts.
  23. BUY Floor mats.
  24. CLEAN upholstery.
  25. REPAIR heat riser.  (New heat riser purchased 30 Sep 2009) 
  26. REPAIR oil leak(s)
  27. HANG Cadillac flag & Cadillac Certified Service sign in car barn.
  28. INSTALL passenger visor mirror.
  29. INSTALL missing power steering pump gasket.  (Oil filter gasket works, with a little coaxing!)
  30. BUY/INSTALL non-factory option rt. hand side view mirror.
  31. SORT out cold idle problem (engine will not accelerate until warmed/carb rebuild kit purchased 30 Sep 2009) 

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