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This page presents information and advertisements for the Wonderbar signal-seeking radio

The WonderBar signal seeking car radio:  All you had to do was press a button, and the radio would tune and stop at the next station.  It used a spring motor to move the tuning slugs, and when it got to the top of the dial, a huge electromagnet would pull it back down.  A detector circuit would sense the presence of a signal, and a relay would drop out.  The relay had a mechanical pawl which would stop the gear train, and the radio would be tuned to whatever station was next on the dial.

A footswitch to tune the radio was mounted on the floor, next to the dimmer switch.

In 1947 Delco Radio manufactured the first signal-seeking car radio.  []

Cadillac had it available as an option (some say as early as 1951, others 1953).  Cadillac did put it into mass production in 1954.

Signal-seeking radios are a rare example of a postwar radio that will not work on reversed polarity.  The problem is with the signal-seeking motor.  []

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