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The Gray Lady Web Site Has Moved

We have found it necessary to find a new home for our web site.  This was necessitated by the fact that our former host,, has become so unreliable that it cannot be counted on to make user access available.  Both reliability and availabilty of service have deteriorated significantly in the last half of 2014.  Consequently, I investigated other free web page hosts and have settled on for our new home.    We moved in on 14 NOv 2014.  I trust you will find our new digs better than what we had before the move, an improvement and more than satisfactory.  THANKS FOR YOUR PATIENCE AND UNDERSTADING!

Gray Lady Down!

We have been down/offline from 23 Sep 2009 at 1709 Hrs., through 29 Sep 2009 at 0319 Hrs.  Why?  I do not know.  Why did it take so long to get back up?  Again, I do not know.

Usually, my ISP (WebNG) is pretty good at tending to problems.  In this instance all my queries by email and phone went unheeded, for what seemed like forever.  I can only assume they were "knee deep in alligators."  I do know for a fact that another old car forum I frequent was also down for almost the same length of time.  So, I was not alone.  What is really strange is that another GDYNets site, Dave's Den, maintained on the same host, remained up and running during this entire time frame?

My ISP is a free web hosting service.  One gets what one pays for, right?  So, I guess I do not have a lot to complain about since I am not paying the bill.  Even so, I do feel you, the users, are entitled to an explanation of why The Gray Lady suddenly vanished from the net for a week, and once it did return it was in an old/out dated version.

[27 Nov 2009] - I have no idea what they are saying, but I know they are talking about The Gray Lady in Italy?
23/11/2009, 20:24
Messaggio #10
Card, L. M.
Da: Provincia di Firenze

CITAZIONE (caddy55 @ 23/11/2009, 19:50)
Dai un'occhiata sul forum del CLC, c'era gi un topic che ne parlava.
Se ne parla anche su questo sito>
The Gray Lady <

Or che mi sovviene, gia' avevo chiesto tempo fa al CLC (me ne sono accorto facendo una ricerca sul forum), ma non ho avuto risposta. Adesso chiedo direttamente al tizio che ha compilato l'authenticity manual. Mi pare che, comunque, anche il tipo della Gray Lady

navighi nel buio.

Hi Dave,

Just got done browsing your site and I found it very useful.  I own a 1955 Cadillac series 62 2dr HT and I have tried to find new parts suppliers but I am having little success.  Most resources I have found only offer very little as far as parts go.

I have been trying to find a resource for interiors since mine is shot and needs to be totally replaced.  My car is a color code 10 (black on black)?  I believe it to be original?  I am not a fan of the black interior but I haven't found any resources to tell me if it is original.  I have been considering selling the car since I have had such poor luck in finding a parts supplier for it.

Any help you can provide may sway my decision to sell the car as I have a potential buyer but I am still on the fence whether to sell or keep it.


Jeff C.
Bristol, Connecticut
[26 Aug 2009]

tcherry3 (an ebay seller) said:
You can see the details of these rare and desirable wheels on this great page I found on the web: 
Cadillac Sabre Wheel Page.  (BTW, the site has a ton of great info, especially about 55 Cads, if you are interested.  And no, I do not know the site owner.  I just like the info he has collected, great job!)

I said:
I do know the site owner, as he is ME!  Thanks for the kind words.  Do I get a commission off the sale of the sabres?  :)-

tcherry3 replied (In a message dated 6/14/2009 11:50:03 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time):
Hello, I am glad you are pleased.  I looked at a lot of sites and yours was by far the most interesting and well documented.  I had originally thought the wheels were 57/8 as they were chrome and the first site I had found had said that chrome was 57/8 and gold was 55/6.  You had the ID numbers as well as colors and I eventually verified you were correct.  It is great to see a good resource on the web and when I am selling some related item I will often drive traffic to those sites as it helps document what I have and also helps those sites grow and get exposure.  Sadly, I cannot offer a commission due to the fact that the market has fallen from what it once was and I bought these thinking they were 57/8 so I overpaid.  The reality is at the end of the month I will probably take a loss!  Thanks Tom

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