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GDYNets is nothing but a fancy term to describe the internet offerings made available by me to anyone with an interest in their subject matter.  For the most part, these offerings are automobile related.  However, there is one major exception to the above (more about that, below).  The offerings do not have a central location.  Rather, given the date of creation for each, the best home at the time was selected.

 CCC Logo   FIRST AND FOREMOST, if you are an auto enthusiast, you will want to check out, and hopefully read regularly, the monthly, online, free, newsletter:  Car Collector Chronicles.  CCC covers all aspects of owning, caring for and enjoying the cars of yesteryear.  It is written from the perspective of one who does just that, me.  In addition to coverage of specific marques; car care, car clubs, car makers, car shows, car barns (garage/workshop) and whatever has me motivated each month is likely to find itself on the pages of CCC.

Car Collector Chronicles is found on

Car Collector Chronicles is -also- found on

I am pleased to announce an online gathering spot for old ride fans.  It is a companion to CCC -The Newsletter.  Feel free to come on by, introduce yourself, your ride(s), your interests and engage in "car barn talk."  Car Collector Chronicles -THE FORUM is online at http://ccc.activeboard.comHope to see you there!

62 Olds Cat Eyes  FOR EARLY 60's OLDSMOBILE FOLK there is a web site dedicated to our 1962 Oldsmobile Dynamic 88 convertible.  The site contains a wealth of info/photos related not only to this particular ride, but also to Ransom Eli Olds and Oldsmobiles.  A visit there will leave you convinced that Ransom E. Olds was a pretty remarkable, multi-faceted individual. 

SAVED 62 website on

DAVE'S DEN  is the non-auto related web site referred to above.  The main focus of this site is on "GARY, INDIANA, NOT LOUISIANA, PARIS, FRANCE OR ROME ... ."  Gary, Indiana also happens to be the place of my birth, adolesence and education.

For those who have heard only bad things about the "Steel City," be prepared to learn that there is more to da' Region than crime and corruption.  Here you may begin your journey in the year of Gary's founding in 1906, and progress on to the present day.  Both the good and bad is presented.  Punches are not pulled.

Dave's Den, however, is not limited to all things Gary, Indiana.  Some of my other interests are also explored there.  They include:

The U.S. Marine Corps
The M14 Assault Rifle
Musical Artist Jackie Wilson, Mr. Excitement 
Steel Making & the former Gary Works 210" Plate Mill
The tragic murder of Gary Police Lt. George Yaros


  DAVE'S DEN - THE BLOG is where everyone may interact with other visitors to my sites, and comment on anything you have seen anywhere on any of the GDYNets web sites.  Your comments are both invited and encouraged.


I do have some miscellaneous pics stored on the PICASA web site

I also house some photos on PHOTOBUCKET

  EMAIL is a way to directly share your views on anything with me, submit contributions, whatever.  (And let it be known, all contirbutions are both appreciated and properly credited.)  I do read all emails, and make an effort to timely respond.


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