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Cadillac Coupe DeVille Specifications Data 

This page presents model/mechanical/electrical/torque specifications and part numbers for the 1955 Cadillac Coupe DeVille.

Cadillac Coupe DeVille - By the Numbers


Series Designation:  Series 62
Model:  6237DX [D=Deluxe, X=Power Windows]
Wheel base:  129 inches
Carburetor:   WCFB 4 bbl., Models 2355S, 2354S, 2185S, 2186S, 2266S, 2267S, and 2255
     [MY CARB:  GM 4 Jet (= Rochester?)  Tag #7007970]
     [Air Filter Wix 42098 -  Cross Refs:  K&N E-1500, Fram CA5034, Purolator A50091]

     [My Fuel Pump  AC Tag #4269 497]
Valve Location:  In head
Bore and Stroke:  3 13/16" x 3 5/8"
Piston displacement - Cubic Inches:  331
Compression ratio:  9:1
Maximum Brake Horsepower:  250 @ 4600 RPM
Maximum Torque Lbs. Ft. @ RPM:  345 @ 2800 RPM
Vehicle Weight - 3,857 lbs., Engine Weight - 699 lbs. 
     [This computes out to:  .357 H.P./lb. of engine weight and .755 H.P./c.i. of displacement]

Normal Oil Pressure:  35 lbs.

TUNE UP SPECS (all models)
Spark Plug Make:  AC 44-5
     [Car arrived with Champion RJ12YC plugs?  Researching this, the indications are the proper Champion replacement plug should be RJ18YC?]

Spark Plug Gap, Inch:  .035
Firing Order:  18436572 (front to rear:  Right bank 2-4-6-8, left bank 1-3-5-7)
     [Service Tip:  To change front plug on right bank-remove generator; To change back plug on left bank-remove w/washer jar]

Timing Mark:  "A" mark for premium fuel, "C" mark for regular fuel
Location:  Vibration Damper
Engine Idle Speed, RPM:  w/automatic 400 (in [D]rive)
Cylinder Head Torque:   65-70 lbs. ft.
Compression Pressure & Cranking Speed:  165 min.

Fitting Pistons with Scale:  Pistons removed from above.  Shim thickness:  .002
Pounds on a Pull Scale:  11
Ring End Gap:  In tapered bores, fit rings in tightest portion of ring travel
Compression:  .010
Oil:  .010
Clearance in Groove: Compression:  .0017-0035, Oil:  .0015-.003
Wristpin Diameter, Inch:  1.000

Operating Clearance:  Intake:  0 Exhaust:  0
Valve Seat Angle, degrees:  44
Valve Timing:  (BTDC = before top dead center, ATDC = after top dead center)
Intake opens:  19 BTDC
Exhaust Closes:  30 ATDC
Valve Spring Pressure Pounds at Inches Length:  Inner Spring:  60 lbs. @ 1-11/16"
Valve Stem Clearance:  Intake:  .0005-.0025, Exhaust:  .001-.0025

Connecting Rod Bearings
Journal Diameter, Inches:  2.2488-2.2493
Bearing Clearance, Inch:  .0005-.002
Rod End Play, Inch:  .008-.014
Rod Bearing Cap Torque:   40-45 lbs. ft.
Main Bearings 
Journal Diameter, Inches:  2.4990-2.4995
Bearing clearance:  .0008-.0025
Shaft End Play:  .001-.005 (Thrust on Rear Bearing)
Main Bearing Cap Torque:  90-100 lbs. ft. 

Cooling System:  W/O Heater:  18 quarts, With Heater:  20-1/3 quarts
     [My Radiator Cap AC 559-13# RC 6]

Fuel Tank:  20 gallons
Engine Oil:  5 quarts

     [Oil Filter - AC P115, Wix 51100= NAPA GOLD 1100, Purolator CH218, Fram C4/C4P]
Automatic Transmission:  12 quarts
Rear Axle:  5 pints

Distributor Make:  Delco-Remy
Distributor Part Number:  1110852 (distributor rotates counter-clockwise)
Cam Angle, degrees:  26-33
Breaker Point opening, Inch:  .016
     (Echlin CS777A - NAPA)

Rotor (Echlin RR159 - NAPA)
Condenser Capacity:  .18-.23 Mfds.
     (Echlin RR174 - NAPA)
Breaker Arm Spring Tension:  19-23 Oz.
Centrifugal Advance: (degrees at RPM of distributor) 
Advance starts:  1-1/2 @ 500 RPM
Full Advance:  10 @ 1550 RPM
Inches of Vacuum to Start Plunger Movement:  6 - 8-1/2
Inches of Vacuum for Full Plunger Movement:  15 - 16
Maximum Vacuum Advance Dist., Degrees:  18

Generator Make:  Delco-Remy
Generator Part Number:  1102011 (generator rotates clockwise, 12 volts, Negative Ground)
     [MY GENERATOR:  Model 1102002  Ser. 4L22]

Generator output:  30 amps @ 2150 RPM
Brush Spring Tension:  28 oz.
Voltage/Polarity:  12 volts/negative ground

Voltage Regulator Make:  Delco-Remy
Voltage Regulator Part Number:  1118826
     [MY REGULATOR  Part Number:  1119000E]

Cutout Relay
Voltage to close points:  12.8
Reverse current to open points:  0-4
Voltage Regulator Setting:  14.5 volts
Current and Voltage Armature Air Gap:  .075 inches
Current Regulator Setting:  30 amps

Starter Make:  Delco-Remy
Starter Part Number:  1107629 (rotates clockwise)
Bush Spring Tension, Ounces:  35 min.
No Load Test:  95 amps, 10.1 volts @ 3500 RPM
Torque Test:  470 Amps, 5.2 volts, Torque 
10.5 lbs. ft.

Caster, Degrees
Limits:  0 to -1
Desired:  -1/2
Camber, Degrees
Limits:  -3/8 to +3/8
Desired:  0
Toe-In, Inches:  3/16 to 1/4
Toe-Out on Turns, Degrees:  Outer wheel:  20, Inner Wheel:  23
(If toe-out is incorrect, when other adjustments are correct, look for bent steering arms.)
Kingpin Angle, or Steering Axis Degrees:  5-5/6 @ 04 Camber
(If king pin or spindle support angle are incorrect, but camber is correct, look for bent suspension arms or steering knuckle support)


Autronic Eye Power Relay - 5945189  (Replaces) 5944038)
Brake Booster - Tag #376970
Condensor - Echlin RR174
Intake Manifold - Casting #1643414-2

Points - Echlin CS777A
Rotor - Echlin RR159
Windshield Wiper Blades - Trico 33122, Anco 2012 

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