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1955 Cadillac Docs 

This page presents various and sundry documents Cadillac, other GM divisions or aftermarket suppliers provided to owners and service techs for model year 1955.

55 Cad Owner Manual   55 Cad Owner ID Card  Cad Heritage of Ownership Grille Badge  

55 Cad Glove Box Key Decal                55 Cad Jacking Instructions        Cad Heritage of Ownership Dealer Letter

       55 Cad Autronic Eye Instructions 

      54 Cad Shop Manual   55 Cad Shop Manual Supplement    Fisher Body 55 Cad Manual

   Cad Thoro-Check Engine Manual  Cadillac Parts Manual  55 Cad Authenticity Manual     GDY Cadillac Certified Craftsman

1955 Motor's Repair Manual     1955 Chilton Auto Repair Manual

For anyone so interested:  The cost to me, in 2009, to acquire these docs (excluding the Owner Manual, Owner ID Card, Jacking Instructions and Autronic Eye Instructions) was $356.94. 

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